Friends of Plainsboro Public Library

Mission Statement

The mission of The Friends of The Plainsboro Public Library is to foster closer relations between  the library and the residents of Plainsboro;  to promote knowledge of functions, resources, services and needs of the Library and to lead in the development of a program for the extension and improvement of the library services and resources.

Friends raise money by way of a monthly book sale as well as other events. These funds are used in accordance with our mission to benefit the library.

We receive regular book donations by generous patrons.  The Friends, sort and shelve these books. The book sale is generally held on the last weekend of the month in the basement of the Library from 10 am until 3:00pm.

Membership is open to all residents of Plainsboro.  The expectation is that members will volunteer a few hours each week in running the various activities for the Friends’ organization.  Activities include sorting and stacking book donations, helping with the monthly book sale, event publicity, volunteer coordination, documentation and paperwork for nonprofit organizations etc.

If you wish to join or just want to ask a question please contact

Donation Guidelines

We welcome and appreciate donations by our generous patrons.

You may bring donations in on the book sale weekend

Once items are donated, they become the sole property of the Library. No items will be returned to the donor. No conditions as to their use by the Library may be imposed by the donor. In addition to the materials, all cartons, bags, containers, etc. that are used to deliver the items will also become the property of the Library. No boxes, containers, etc. will be held for return to the donor.

We are happy to provide a written receipt (upon request) that donations were received, but we are prohibited from appraising the monetary value per IRS tax law.

All donations will be accepted at the front Circulation Desk.

Please do not  drop  items in the Book Return. Items left outside or in the Book Return will be automatically discarded.

Acceptable items for donation:

  • Hardcover and paperback books in good condition, both fiction and non-fiction for children, teens and adults.
  • DVDs, CD audio books and music CDs in good condition in their original containers.
  • Books about Plainsboro Township or New Jersey in good condition

Materials we cannot use:

  • Technology, health, travel, finance or technical books over 3 years old
  • Materials discarded from other libraries
  • Computer software or computer manuals
  • Books that have been highlighted, written in, stained, pages/covers torn or missing; books  showing any sign of mold or insect damage will automatically be sent to recycling
  • Encyclopedias, condensed books (such as Reader’s Digest)
  • Tape cassettes, damaged  CDs or DVDs. All nonprint items must be in their original cartons. All duplicated nonprint items will be discarded per copyright laws.

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