The book lists list the winners of a variety of awards for children’s and teen literature.

The Alex Awards
Alex Award Winners are books written for adults that have special appeal for teens.

The Caldecott Award
The Caldecott Awards are given annually to the most distinguished American picture book.

The Garden State Book Awards
As voted on by the New Jersey Library Association and the Children of New Jersey

The Newbery Award
For the most distinguished contribution to American Literature for Children.

The Printz Award
Given annually to the best books written for teens based solely on literary merit.

YALSA Teen Top Ten Book List
These books are chosen by teen book groups and voted on by teens across the nation.

The book lists focus on popular genres.

Historical Fiction
These stories take place in the past, paying special attention to the manners, customs, social conditions, and other details of the period.

These stories deal with a puzzling crime or the discovery of hidden truths.

Realistic Fiction
These are stories that could have happened in real life, with a believable setting.

These book lists are designed to help parents explain tough issues or new situations to their children through books and stories.

Dealing with Divorce
For children in families undergoing change.

Dealing with Loss
For children who have lost a loved one.

New Baby Book List
For new or soon-to-be big brothers and sisters.