Recommended health websites reviewed by teens.

Above the Influence

“This is an educational website geared towards teens. It teaches teens about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body. In addition to that, the website also includes information for teenagers on how to avoid being pressured into doing drugs by their friends. Above the Influence is a government-based organization that is dedicated to ensuring that teenagers are making intelligent decisions about drugs and alcohol. The website is easy to navigate, which encourages many users to use it as a source of advice on how to stay true to yourself and not compromise your own values for the sake of seeming “cool” to your peers.”

Body Mojo

CDC Adolescent and School Health

Go Ask Alice!

Medline Plus

Office of Adolescent Health

Planned Parenthood for Teens

“The site gives insightful information about sexuality and pregnancy. It teaches how to be healthy with sexuality. It explains how to channel your sexual changes in a healthy way. The site also explains how to manage relationships and pregnancy. It also explains in detail about what pregnancy is and how it happens. This site is very good in explaining sexuality to people that are new to the subject such as students. The site has very current information about sexuality and covers a large field of the sexual sciences. The site is easy to explore and learn from all of the information is presented in a way that is easily understandable. The subject is reported by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc. the site also explains homosexuality in a non-bias way that can help many people understand what homosexuality is.”


Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

“Suicide Awareness Voices of Education is a website which aims to increase suicide awareness voices of education, and serves as a resource to those touched by suicide. The organization has developed various prevention and awareness programs for the past ten years. These programs seek to educate both the general public and more specific audiences about and clinical depression and suicide prevention. The website accurately touches upon the facts on suicide and promotes education and awareness in its different variations. This nonprofit, all volunteer organization is determined in being of any help to the people affected by suicide. The website is easy to navigate and is well organized to provide detailed information to its users. It can easily be shared in various social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.”

Talk about Sex

Teen’s Health

“This website highlights a variety of topics pertinent to the teenage life including but not limited to, body, mind, food, fitness, and school. All of these topics are significant in a teenager’s life. The website features tips, quizzes, answers on various topics, and articles on multifarious topics. In addition, I noticed that most articles are written/ reviewed by a “MD” or a “PhD”. There are other medical reviewers such as nurses. The information that has been reviewed by those in the medical field is relatively recent. Also, the website is an “.org” website, meaning it is an organization; it is run by “The Nemours Foundation®”. In addition, this website has both a mobile and desktop website setup. Since the website features important topics that are thoroughly explained and has credible sources, the website is a great resource for teenagers to have their health-related questions answered.”

WAY 2 GO! Teen

WAY2GO is a teen health section, part of Palo Alto Medical Foundation website.  The website is highly accurate and written by teens and professionals.  The website is reviewed monthly.  WAY2GO covers a wide range of teen health issues from school to nutrition to relationships.  The website is easy to use and great advice and accurate facts.

These quotes are from teens about their experiences using the mental health surveys.

 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

“I would recommend this survey to those who want to test if any four of the problems (-depression, mania, childhood mania, and anxiety-) are evident in their life.”

“I definitely recommend these survey as it could be used as a starting point to evaluating mental health…”

“I took the depression and anxiety survey and I liked it because I was curious to see the outcome of my survey.”

“It was very helpful for me, even if I didn’t necessarily have anxiety, because it showed me some common symptoms and reasons behind anxiety.”