Teen Program Guidelines at the Plainsboro Public Library


Here at the Plainsboro Public Library, we want to partner with local teenagers who value the library in order to share their knowledge and passions with the Plainsboro community.


Through teen-run programs, we hope to see teens develop project management skills, leadership skills, and give back to their community.


Teen Run Events may only be planned by Teen Advisory Board members in good standing. This generally means an investment of 2 months in the Teen Advisory Board before a becoming a full member in good standing. At this point, a member is allowed to plan and run Teen Run Events if the Teen Advisory Board and Youth Services Department Head see merit in the event being proposed. Refer to the Teen Advisory Board web page for an overview of joining TAB and retaining good standing.


Teen Programs


The Plainsboro Public Library regards presenting programs for the public as a serious responsibility.


Following these guidelines is required for the library to schedule and publicize a teen-run program, and will result in the earning of community service hours.


    1. Teen-run programs are planned and executed by members of the library’s Teen Advisory Board. The Teen Advisory Board provides community service opportunities and leadership opportunities for teens in the Plainsboro area. Teens interested in running a program for the library must be a member in good standing of the Teen Advisory Board, and must have attended 3 meetings prior to planning an event. During this time, the teen may propose, discuss and develop the idea with the Teen Advisory Board and Plainsboro Librarians.
    2. The library considers teen-run programs to be an agreement between the library and the Teen Advisory Board member. A teen-run program is also an opportunity for teens to develop responsibility and project management skills. The Library will work strictly with the teen who wishes to present their program – meeting and emailing only them, not other family members or third parties.
    3. The library is interested in one-time programs, and a limited number of up to 4 week long programs/workshops each month.
    4. The Teen Advisory Board member must attend a Teen Advisory Board meeting and discuss the parameters of the program: audience age and size, space and equipment requirements, duration of program, etc. These topics should be covered in a proposal presented at  a Teen Advisory Board meeting.
    5. If a program requires a large budget expenditure of equipment, supplies, etc. by the library to occur, the program will likely not be approved by the library. Modest expenditures can be made, with the understanding that the supplies are owned by the library and will remain within the building.


  • Teen Run Programs are promoted and publicized through the library, and the library is the main point of contact for Teen Run Programs. Teen presenters should not be a direct point of contact for potential attendees.
  • Teen presenters are not allowed to collect emails addresses or contact info from attendees to teen run programs.
  • Teen Run Events may not raise funds for anything but the library.


  1. Teen Advisory Board members must acknowledge that they will represent the library when they present their program, and must be open minded and respectful in their interactions with the public.
  2. Teen run programs will be run by one teen or a small group of teens for larger workshops. No adult family members are to be present in a teen run program.
  3. Authorizing a program in the library will be at the discretion of the Youth Services Department Head and Library Administration based on a variety of factors including public interest, space availability, similarity to recent programs et. al.
  4. Failure to arrive for a program will be sufficient grounds to no longer work with a teen presenter for a period of six months. No community service hours will be granted.
  5. Failure to arrive for a program in a series will be sufficient grounds to cancel future dates for the program series, and will result in the library no longer working with a teen presenter for a period of six months. No community service hours will be granted beyond programs presented prior to the failure to arrive.
  6. The Plainsboro Public Library reserves the right to deny a teen presenter library sponsorship and space.


After reading the above, if you feel confident that you can follow these guidelines, come to  our next Teen Advisory Board meeting and start working towards being a member in good standing. Check our Library Calendar for the next meeting.


If you have any questions, please contact Youth Services Department Head Darren Miguez at dmiguez@plainsborolibrary.org.