Want to propose a Teen-Run event? Fill out this form and come to our next TAB meeting! Only TAB members in good standing will be allowed to advance their event proposals to the planning and execution stage. See below for how to become a TAB member in good standing and if you are still interested fill out the TAB Application. Membership is NOT guaranteed, and will be based on meeting attendance, meeting contributions, and overall comportment as a potential TAB member.

TAB Constitution

This document notes the role, organization, and functioning of the Plainsboro Library Teen Advisory Board, or TAB.

All TAB activities from meetings to event execution or assistance count as community service hours. Attending library events as a participant or audience member does not count as community service hours. That said, TAB is for teens who care about the library and want to help it improve and better serve teens; the community service hours should be a secondary consideration.

TAB Mission Statement

The Plainsboro Library Teen Advisory Board’s Mission is to engage teens as lifelong library users by promoting reading, volunteering, and participation in the library.

TAB members help plan and execute library events and projects with library staff to make sure they are relevant to teen interests and the library community.

TAB members also advocate for the library and take up leadership roles in improving the library for the Plainsboro community.


TAB Structure

TAB consists of TAB’s General Membership (20 people per school year) and an Executive Council (5 people).


TAB General Membership

The TAB General Membership are a volunteer group whose members work on library projects, provide ideas, event feedback and help plan TAB and library events under the leadership of the TAB Executive Council and Library Staff. TAB General Membership is open to any local teen in Grades 6-12.

TAB General Membership Benefits:

TAB members receive volunteer opportunities outside of our formal teen volunteering system, the ability to create events and activities for their peers in library and the community at large. TAB General Membership is also required for anyone interested in becoming a TAB Executive Council member.

TAB will also assist in testing new library services and technologies.

In  addition TAB meetings and volunteering are worth community service hours.

Teen Run Events may only be planned by TAB members in good standing.


TAB membership is limited to 20 people per school year.

Membership is by application and review of the TAB Executive Council and Youth Services Department Head.


To be considered as a member of TAB, provisional members must:

  • Previously attended 3 TAB General Meetings over the course of the school year ( to be measured starting in the Summer of the current year).
  • Fill out the Teen Advisory Board application.
  • Be approved by the TAB Executive Council and Youth Services Department Head.


To maintain membership good standing a members must:

  • Attend at least 4 library teen events per semester. TAB members are expected to give feedback and suggestions on events they have attended at future TAB meetings.
  • Actively engage in task force work and meeting discussion.
  • Subscribe to the library’s Teen Newsletter.
  • Volunteer in two TAB or library run events per semester. Example Events include: Teen Lock Ins, Teen Movie Nights, Spring Break Teen Scavenger Hunt, Teen Game Club, Egg Drop, Spring Break Movies, Winter Break Movies, and other Teen Run Events proposed by TAB.

The primary role of TAB members is to suggest and work on task force projects, volunteer to help in events, and create Teen Run Events.  TAB members also help spread the word about library events and offer feedback about events they attend.

Executive Council Members

Executive Council members are selected by the Youth Services Department Head, and shall consist of 5 TAB members in good standing, who have volunteered at library events and attended at least one meeting per month over the last 3 months. Executive Council members take ideas from the TAB General Membership that are discussed in TAB meetings and help execute them, publicize them, and organize TAB members to make events happen with librarian assistance. Executive Council members will be in responsible for larger and more important elements of TAB events such as organizing,  collecting attendance at TAB meetings for community service hours and so on.

Executive Council members must be familiar with the process for suggesting, voting on, and executing events and projects. It is expected that the Executive Council will be the main driver of TAB meetings. All Executive Council members must be TAB members in Good Standing. Executive Council members must recuse themselves from any vote involving a club/event they are part of.

On a rotating basis, Executive Council members run TAB meetings at the twice monthly TAB meetings on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.

Should a TAB Executive Council member fail to maintain the requirements for TAB membership, they will lose their TAB Executive Council position.

TAB Executive Council Members are generally sophomores or juniors in high school.


TAB Meeting Format

TAB Meetings last 1 hour and 15 minutes. The first 15-30 minutes is a General Meeting for any teens and TAB members who wish to attend. The rest of the meeting, TAB members work on task force projects or Teen Run Events.

The Plainsboro Teen Advisory Board (or TAB) usually meets on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month. Check the library calendar for details.

Revised 10/1/2018



You can also join our Plainsboro TAB Facebook group.