Pride & Prejudice
by Jane Austen



The History of Love
by Nicole Krauss
(Cheryl Wexler)


The Black Dahlia
by James Ellroy
(Joe Ketchel)


Killing Patton
by Bill O’Reilly
(Joe Ketchel)


Book of Job
(from the Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible)



The Last Lion
by William Manchester



Wuthering Heights
by Emily Brontë



The Devil in the White City
By Erik Larsen
(Meryl Miller)

The architects, engineers, landscapers, politicians, financial depression and the attendees and the weather and political obstacles. Add to that, a brilliant serial killer. I also loved that Olmsted, landscaper of Central And Prospect fame, is highlighted in the book.

The Secret of Santa Vittoria
by Robert Crichton
Red Sky at Morning
by Richard Bradford

(Adam) I also selected a number of books to discuss in case the book club ran out of things to talk about. That did not happen, and I was so happy that each book mentioned was an entire conversation starter. I did rattle off my picks at the end of the meeting, and here they are:

by Mira Grant

A zombie book that’s not about zombies. While it takes place about 40 years after the zombie apocalypse (spoiler: we survive), this book looks at how politics function in a world where resources are tightly regulated though not scarce, and how news reporting adapts after the collapse of mainstream media.

Something to Food About
by Questlove

A series of interviews between musician Questlove and a series of chefs. It’s actually more appropriate to call these conversations, as they end up finding common ground and delving into how people integrate past ideas, identity, and soul into the creative process. One of my favorite books of all time.

The Thought Gang
by Tibor Fischer

A depressed philosophy professor accidentally stumbles into a life of crime. Partnering with a thief, the two end up robbing banks according to various schools of philosophy. A brilliant novel that should have exploded, it’s still just a quiet cult classic.

by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson

What if Hunter S. Thompson were around in the world of Blade Runner? It would be weird and amazing, and it is.


Tales of the Hasidim
by Martin Buber



The Divine Comedy
by Dante Allighieri translated by John Ciardi