Getting started with Zinio for Libraries

Click here for a list of magazines available, and a quick start guide!

 What is Zinio?

Zinio is a way to get magazines online. Perhaps you’ve used eLibraryNJ to check out ebooks. Well, Zinio is that but for magazines. But there are a few things that are different so let me tell you about them.

  • New Issues – The online version of our magazines show up for checkout the same day that the print copies are delivered.
  • No Waiting List – Unlike the print magazine, if we carry the digital version than it’s available to you. There is no waiting list because you never have to get in line for it.
  • No Due Date – Once it’s checked out to your Zinio account it will stay there until you delete it. There’s no date that it will expire on. You can check out this month’s magazines and read them next month, along with the next issue. Hang onto them until you’re done.

Getting Started

  1. Go to our online collection of magazines at and click on “Create New Account” in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Enter your library card number (yes, the whole thing) to verify that you are a member.
  3. Then create your username and password.
  4. Now that you’re logged in to the collection go ahead a select a magazine and click on “Complete Checkout”.
  5. This should take you to the Zinio page.
  6. Now all of your checkouts will be in your collection.

    You’re ready to read!

As far as reading goes you can download their app for offline reading.
Windows 8
Kindle Fire has the app listed in their app store