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Is your child feeling stressed out? Want to give them the tools they need to handle stress in the future? Join one of our local Girl Scouts as she teaches kids to be stress free!

No registration required, first come first serve, the first 12 children will be admitted.

August 6th: Kids will learn about stress diaries and journaling.

August 8th: Kids will learn about mind illusions which is said to improve concentration and focus in day to day life.

August 13th: Kids will learn about Origami and other mind blowing paper tricks.

August 15th: Kids will learn about puzzles and other mind involving games.

August 20th: In today’s session, kids will learn more about art and its relation to stress.

August 22nd: In today’s session, kids will learn about physical activity and its purpose in life.

August 27th: In today’s session, kids will do Timed challenges which involve mind and creativity. Kids will also learn about team work.

August 29th: In today’s session, kids will learn to use simple day-to-day things to make other beautiful crafts out of it.