This interactive exhibit will feature index cards on which residents have jotted down favorite memories – of their hometowns, or of interesting Plainsboro experiences. Some memories will have multiple authors, as several people comment on the same event. Predictions and wishes for Plainsboro’s future may also be included; and patrons may pose questions about the township’s past on their cards –to which library personnel or others may respond.  It is possible that people from the same hometown may find one another through this exhibit. Certainly, it will stimulate a conversation among residents. You can still participate! Come into the library gallery to write down your memories, or print out the “Memory Cards” below and fill them out at home.

The library is also inviting patrons to submit both vintage and modern photos of the township, either through email or in person. (Original photos will be returned.) In addition, two of the library’s millennium exhibits from 1999 — “Flying High Over Plainsboro”, a collection of aerial photographs of the town by photographer Captain Jessica R. Stearns; and “Plainsboro Then and Now,” a compilation of historical photos of Plainsboro – will adorn the gallery walls. The exhibit runs through May 29.

In November, contents of the interactive exhibit will be loaded into a township time capsule for future generations to enjoy.

Click here for a printable set of “Memory Cards” on which you can write your thoughts.

Click here for a printable flyer.

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