Plainsboro Public Library – September 2017

Some people might call her books oral history, but award-winning West Windsor writer Donna L. Clovis, prefers to describe her two recent works as “novels.” On Saturday, October 7, at 5 pm, Plainsboro Public Library patrons will have a chance to judge the matter for themselves, as Dr. Clovis reads a chapter from her latest book, Six Doors Down: A Journey Through Synchronicity, in the library’s first session of a new Reading Series.

The event, produced in partnership with Red Dashboard Publications, will take place at the Caddyshack Bar and Grill, 70 Hunters Glen Drive, Plainsboro. In addition to Dr. Clovis, local writers Ryan J. Torres, A.F. Roberts, Corinne Julienne, and David Messineo will read; and guitarist Lance Scott Greene will perform.

Based on interviews, documentation and journalism, Dr. Clovis says, she creates imaginary scenarios that are “more real than not.” Her first book, Quantum Leaps in Princeton’s Place, is the story of Princeton in the years 1912-1950, based on interviews with two of its oldest citizens, as well as on diary material. “Basically, there is some sort of story behind every town; it is interesting to take a look at that history,” Dr. Clovis says. “I really like talking to older people,” she continues, “and I like writing on location.”

Six Doors Down continues the story of Princeton from 1950 to the pre-Trump era. Both books will be for sale at the reading; and a third book, The Future is My Past, is scheduled for publication in January 2018.

Dr. Clovis has won a number of journalism awards, including a first-place feature writing award on racial profiling from the National Association of Black Journalists. Her documentary work on Holocaust survivors in Germany is archived in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D. C. Currently an adjunct professor of English at Rider University, Dr. Clovis previously taught English and ESL, in the Princeton and West Windsor schools, where she also taught gifted students.


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