Sarah Morejohn

July 29 – August 23, 2017

Art Reception: Sunday, August 6, 2 – 4 pm

“Art Inspired by Science”

“My work is a language of delicacy and wonder. By making drawings with dots of ink I am beholden to time and patience. Repetition and place-making are important to my work in the way that taking a walk may yield different discoveries about a place while going along the same route. A body of work starts from a reference point that slowly, over the course of many drawings, transforms into a different sense of place. Evolving on a personal and intuitive level my work has lead me to find a common ground between the poetic and scientific, how nature can be explored and related to in its micro and macro worlds. I explore ideas of the environment, otherness, and the physics found in patterns in nature.

“My recent series of drawings integrates the inorganic shapes of snow crystals and the organic shapes of fungi. Snow crystals begin by dew collecting on particles such as bits of sand, pollen, spores, and bacteria.  I have been playing with this fact for the past year. I imagine the particles in my drawings are fungi spores that start slowly growing: billowing and folding while embedded inside the snow crystal. These drawings are glowing with colored pencil washes and graphite smudges. The dots and dashes vibrate forming the crystal-like and organic structures. In the drawings symmetrical forms grow from a central point, then breaking along the way into asymmetry much like how a plant cell’s membrane bursts from ice crystal growth inside them. In the work I imagine the tension between organic and inorganic growth and shape. The drawings intuitively use patterns from nature and color to tell a narrative fiction from a micro world.”

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