Plainsboro Public Library – June 2016—The Plainsboro Library will host Leap, and the Net Will Appear, an exhibit by artist Liz Adams featuring a new collection of her bold and innovative textile designs, including goldwork embroidery, homespun weaving in both wire and yarn, freeform knitting and crocheting, beading, and yarn arts. The reception will be held Sunday, June 12, from 2 – 4 pm, where the artist will give an informal chat about her artistic process (3pm). The show runs May 28 – June 22, 2016.

Ms. Adams chose the title of the show, Leap, and the Net Will Appear, because she felt it describes her philosophy of life as well as her art. “The idea is to take intelligent risks; then allow events to be your partner in creating. Only minimal planning, then a big investment of energy in the process. It fuels art, which then opens up ideas you could not foresee nor arrange ahead of time! And it involves generosity in both giving and receiving materials, time and attention and sharing freely, throughout the adventure.”

Butterfly Habitat was created from two other dismantled artworks that had served their purpose and were ready to be used as raw materials. Its bottom layer is a knitted and crocheted stretched piece, overlaid with a hand dyed and embroidered transparent piece. Realizing that this was still incomplete, Ms. Adams made it the home for the stumpwork butterflies she had been studying and teaching to other stitchers. (Stumpwork is 3D art, wired, so that the motifs can be arranged and positioned on a background.) The risk was high — destroying two complete artworks — but the reward was great, as the different elements worked well together. Holding up the Sky, a freeform weaving and beaded piece, incorporates weaving on an open framework with the inclusion of a sawblade weaving as a motif, and beadwork as well. Ms. Adams also integrated copper wire from a dismantled washing machine and roving from her spinning supplies. The risk here is that the piece is physically very fragile, but metaphorically as well – it symbolizes the work of women in holding up the “sky” of their lives, and the concurrent joy and fear they feel. Says Ms. Adams: “These two pieces show my art process, where the finished product is not the result of careful planning, but the happy juxtaposition of unlikely elements. The artist is really only the conduit for the ideas.  I often think we should talk of allowing art rather than of making art!”

Many of the pieces in the exhibit were seen at the Plainsboro Library this spring during “Nine Thursdays: An Artist in Residence” program, where Ms. Adams brought her studio supplies into action in the library’s café area. The public was warmly invited to stop by on these Thursday afternoons to observe the work in progress, discuss and share ideas, and to get an insight into the ongoing life of a local artist. Liz created the first library Artist in Residence program with her 2014 design and creation of the tapestry, Four Sisters, now on display on the library’s second floor.

Ms. Adams has been described as fearless in trying new ideas and media, and indeed is accomplished in many different mediums. On her award winning art blogs, she describes her processes as she creates and conceptualizes ongoing artworks, and encourages readers to try for themselves. A Plainsboro resident for over 30 years, Liz has been a longtime participant and leader in local art events; her mantra is “Art for Everyone!”  Named “2013 Artist of the Year”, she was an initial founder of the Gallery at Plainsboro Library, and was key in establishing the library’s fall arts festival and summer arts and science programs. She has taught art to adults and children through organizations such as Princeton Adult School, Homefront, and Princeton YWCA. Ms. Adams has created two award-winning blogs which combine writing, art, and photography:, and She also shares her work on Twitter and on Instagram.

The Plainsboro Library is located at 9 Van Doren Street, Plainsboro, NJ. Hours are 10-8:30 Monday – Thursday, and 10-5 Friday – Sunday.  For more information, call 609-275-2897.


Donna Senopoulos
Plainsboro Public Library

Liz Adams