Plainsboro Public Library, February  2016 — The Gallery at Plainsboro Public Library is pleased to host “The Beauty of Nature”, a unique exhibit of Chinese calligraphy by Randy Yang. In this collection of largely three-dimensional pieces, the artist has created exquisite objets d’art from discarded natural elements. Pieces of wood, stone, or gourds have become polished, well-crafted surfaces where the inherent shapes and textures become a part of the design. On these, the artist pens Chinese verse. Mr. Yang will be on hand to explain the stories behind the work at an art reception on Saturday, February 13, from 12 to 2 pm. The library’s annual Chinese New Year celebration will follow. The exhibit runs January 30 – February 28, 2016.

Randy Yang has always been a keen observer of nature. With this appreciation, he creates artwork that shows how one can look beyond the obvious in the natural debris we pass by every day. What some may see as trash, he sees as untapped art in our environment: a piece of dried-up branch from a withered pine in the woods; a rock found on a hiking trail; an apple tree felled by a storm; or an over-ripened squash remaining from the fall harvest. In “Epigraph on My Humble Abode” the burl in the maple wood becomes image, and is balanced with the calligraphy. “Enlightenment”, a work on polished cedar, emphasizes the curved grains of the wood, and makes us wonder what spiritual scene the artist had intended.  “A Refined Pleasure” converts chipped slate into snowcapped mountains. The unconventional surfaces – whether wood, slate, or gourds – bring a very unique perspective to the calligraphic art. Mr. Yang sees in the ordinary what others cannot, and breathes new life into these objects.

Originally from Taiwan, the artist currently resides in North Brunswick, NJ, an area with an abundance of natural beauty which he feels provides him with inspiration in his life and art. Says Mr. Yang: “I am not a professional artist, but I have always been artistically inclined, always liked working with my hands and making something beautiful. Art is not just my hobby but a way of life. My day job in logistics is very analytical, so it is nice to be able to turn to something super creative in my down time.” Mr. Yang promotes his calligraphy work through “Fan Art Studio”.

The Plainsboro Library is located at 9 Van Doren Street, Plainsboro, NJ. Hours are 10-8:30 Monday – Thursday, and 10-5 Friday – Sunday.  For more information, call 609-275-2897.


Donna Senopoulos
Plainsboro Public Library

Randy Yang